Banks Road

A Passive Solar Designed Home

An architecturally designed passive solar house located on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. This split face block veneer home sits on 100acres of rolling farmland and has been built and designed with specific requirements from the client to be as sustainable as possible.


Material selection was very important to be able to keep its carbon footprint down. With the wings of the House being only 5m in width it allows the winter sun to fully penetrate and heat up the polished concrete slab to gain full use of its thermal mass. Heavy insulation is used to keep the heat in through winter and the heat out through summer.


The turret style master bedroom and en-suite allow you to take in breathtaking 270 degree views of the Surround farmland and Port Phillip bay. The use of rammed earth, dug up from the site, makes a special feature of the fireplaces, helping bring the outside in. The heavy construction of the fireplaces also further help give the house additional thermal mass.




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